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Similar APIs
Open Library API

Open Library has a RESTful API, best used to link into Open Library data in JSON, YAML and RDF/XML.

Programming Quotes API

Programming Quotes API for open source projects.

Samsara API

Samsara provides API endpoints for interacting with Samsara Cloud, so that you can build powerful applications and custom solutions with sensor data. Samsara has endpoints available to track and analyze sensors, vehicles, and entire fleets.


We've designed our APIs to use open standards so developers can leverage off-the-shelf libraries. We aim to provide APIs that are as simple as possible yet still open the door to great possibilities.

The Art World in Your App

The Artsy Public API provides access to images of historic artwork and related information on for educational and other non-commercial purposes.

Vedic Society

Descriptions of all nouns (names, places, animals, things) from vedic literature

Rig Veda

Gods and poets, their categories, and the verse meters, with the mandal and sukta number


Global Search Engine

Don't kill my app

A database of ways mobile vendors inhibit apps background activity

Listen Notes API

Search all podcasts and episodes on the Internet