Top 6 open and free APIs for Music web apps Development

Everyone listens to music while doing coding or before sleep. If you just started coding or looking to integrate music into your existing projects then there are some cool free and public music APIs that can help.

  1. Soundcloud
  2. Discogs
  3. Mixcloud
  4. Spotify
  5. Audiomack
  6. GoArtistAPI


Soundcloud is my favorite platform to listen to music and they have really good collections. Also Good interface for web and mobile.

SoundCloud Docs Here


Discogs is a 2+ million music records directory to explore new music, make a wishlist, and also you can add your music into their database. You can also build a simple directory with a nice UX. Where people will make there wishlist and tweet that wishlist with your application.

Issue a search query to our Discogs database like this.{query}&{?type,title,release_title,credit,artist,anv,label,genre,style,country,year,format,catno,barcode,track,submitter,contributor}


Discogs Docs Here


This is an awesome platform where you can search for music shows, upload audio files, business podcast, coding talks. It's a community of creative peoples where they share work to the world.

IDEA: You can build your own podcast platform and upload your content on Mixcloud.

Good news is if you wanna search anything on their platform without access_token.


Mixcloud Docs Here


Spotify is a famous platform for the latest music on the internet for free. So, If we talk about Spotify APIs related project. there are lots of open sources and cool project out there. Recently, I found an unofficial Spotify VS code extension and it's really cool to listen to Spotify music in your best editor.

You can get some inspiration to build some interesting project with Spotify API. There are lot's of open source library for Spotify you can find here


Spotify Docs Here


Audiomack has a good collection of music and it's the API documentation is really easy and clear to understood. Audimack is like YouTube of Music only.


Audiomack Docs Here


I found this API on ProductHunt and they just have all open APIs list. They have now only 5 APIs routes and I think to make a simple music application all these routes is more than sufficient.

/api/artists/all -- get all artists
/api/artists/rand -- get a random artist
/api/artists/ID=123 -- get a specific artists at ID 123
/api/artists/NAME=Alice-in-Chains -- get instances of artists (- for spaces in name)
/api/artists/GENRE=vocalists -- get all artists of genre (- for spaces in genre)

That's all. If you have any Music APIs the send us here. TypeForm

Thanks for reading...