Top 10 APIs to build game and comics websites

Everyone loves to play games. But have you tried building lots of awesome projects with games APIs?! Many gaming companies give access to their data with some access token, and some also have public apis. So, developers can show interest to build something that will help others. It's fun to build a project with open APIs.

  1. SuperHero
  2. Amiibo
  3. Marvel API
  4. Twitch
  5. IGDB
  6. PUBG
  7. Rick and Morty
  8. Clash Royale
  9. PandaScore
  10. Game Spot


This API has all the Heros and Villans information in their database. So, you can easily access the data with their public API with their access token. Their API documentation is super simple.

Here is the API Heirarchy.


SuperHero Docs Here


This not a game API but it has awesome character lists of amiibo, like the Super Mario Game Series.

Here is an example of the response object:


Amiibo Docs Here

Marvel API

The Marvel name is enough 😎. Yes, they also have a public API, so that their fans can build awesome projects. I have not to built anything with that API yet. But definitely this summer I'm gonna build something with their public API.

FYI: you can access all of Marvel's vast library of comics with their API.


Marvel API Docs Here


If you don't know what is twitch. So, twitch is a streaming platform where gamers, teachers, coders, and other events do live stream.

So, you can build some project with their API like Extensions, Chat Bots and get the information about active streaming into a specific category.

Extension Docs: ChatBot Docs: Twitch APIs Docs:


IGDB(Internet Game Database) is the biggest centralized database of all the games in the world. You can access the information about the game collection, gaming companies info like their logo and website, feeds, game engine, everything about the game.

So, there are lot's of the project can be built. Go check out their docs.

IGDB Docs Here


This game is so famous all around the world and the effect is INDIA banned this game. So, there some good API routes like /leaderboards. So, the idea is you can build a real-time leaderboard web app with the API.

PUBG Docs Here

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a TV show. So, with this Rick and Morty API, You will have access to about hundreds of characters, images, locations, and episodes.

So, you can use GraphQl way and this also has REST API.


Rick and Morty Docs Here

Clash Royale

This game is built by Supercell company and this Unofficial API build by @martincarrera. Clash Royale is a famous game for mobile.

With this API you can get info about the cards, players, leagues, arenas, and chests.

Here is the list of routes and this API is public API without an access token.

Clash Royale Docs Here


This is a great platform on the top of big games like League of Legends, CS-GO, Overwatch and Dota 2. With this single API, you can get data for all these games with REST API and also they have Live API(the result of live matches.)

This really seems cool API to try. Let's build something with this.


PandaScore Docs Here

Game Spot

This is another Game site that has some good API endpoints. Like this the website about games news, reviews and games videos.

Game Spot Docs Here

That's all. :)

Thanks for reading...