Transportation APIs

ROOTE Mobility
12 days ago

Real time free-floating object

Open Charge Map
15 days ago

Global public registry of electric vehicle charging locations

Transport for Wash
5 months ago

Washington state highway traffic information

Transport for Manc
6 months ago

TfGM transport network data

Transport for Hono
a year ago

Honolulu Transportation Information

Transport for Gren
a year ago

Grenoble public transport

a year ago

The Brazilian a AISWEB is the official source of aeronautical information in digital media produced by the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA)

a year ago

Uber ride requests and price estimation

a year ago

Real-time data of any marine and inland vessel equipped with AIS tracking system

2 years ago

A-to-B routing with turn-by-turn instructions

REFUGE Restrooms
2 years ago

Provides safe restroom access for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming individuals

2 years ago

Audio guide for travellers

Bay Area Rapid Tra
2 years ago

Stations and predicted arrivals for BART

Transport for The
2 years ago

OVAPI, country-wide public transport

Transport for Pari
2 years ago

Live schedules made simple

2 years ago

The open API for building cool stuff with transport data

Transport for Swit
2 years ago

Official Swiss Public Transport Open Data

Transport for Buda
2 years ago

Budapest public transport API

Transport for Finl
2 years ago

Finnish transport API

Transport for Germ
2 years ago

Deutsche Bahn (DB) API

Transport for Otta
2 years ago

OC Transpo next bus arrival API

2 years ago

Transit Aggregation

3 years ago

Platform for public transport data in emerging cities

Transport for Auck
3 years ago

Auckland Transport API

3 years ago

API for travel search

Transport for Indi
3 years ago

India Public Transport API

Trasport for Madri
3 years ago

Madrid BUS transport API


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