Open Data APIs

The Art World in Y
19 days ago

The Artsy Public API provides access to images of historic artwork and related information on for educational and other non-commercial purposes.

Vedic Society
20 days ago

Descriptions of all nouns (names, places, animals, things) from vedic literature

Rig Veda
20 days ago

Gods and poets, their categories, and the verse meters, with the mandal and sukta number

a month ago

Global Search Engine

Don't kill my app
a month ago

A database of ways mobile vendors inhibit apps background activity

Listen Notes API
a month ago

Search all podcasts and episodes on the Internet

Radio Browser
2 months ago

This is a community with the aim of collecting as many internet radio stations as possible.

Recreation Informa
5 months ago

ecreational areas, federal lands, historic sites, museums, and other attractions/resources(US)

University of Oslo
9 months ago

Courses, lecture videos, detailed information for courses etc. for the University of Oslo (Norway)
a year ago

Open demographic data such as population tables, population rank and life expectancy
a year ago

Extract structured data from any website

Enigma Public
a year ago

Broadest collection of public data

a year ago

Get JSON formatted summary with title, description and preview image for any requested URL

Open Government, T
2 years ago

Taiwan Government Open Data

Open Government, F
2 years ago

French Government Open Data

Marijuana Strain A
2 years ago

2000+ Marijuana strains, races, flavors, and effects

Words API
2 years ago

Definitions for more than 150,000 words.

Federal Register
2 years ago

The Daily Journal of the United States Government

Open Skills API
2 years ago

Job titles, skills, and related jobs data


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