Development APIs

Voice Recognition
10 days ago

Speech APIs enable you to recognize speech and convert it to text using advanced machine learning, and also to convert text to speech.

US ZipCode
10 days ago

Validate and append data for any US ZipCode
a month ago

Simple online NoSQL database backend

2 months ago

With Viber’s APIs, can create unique experiences for users at scale.

IP Finder
2 months ago

IP Finder location API Locate website visitors for free using ipfinder - a free, real-time IP addres

Screenshot API
2 months ago

Get image of URL with this API.

3 months ago

Free and simple counting service. You can use it to track page hits and specific events

3 months ago

The Pingdom API is a way for you to automate your interaction with the Pingdom system. With the API, you can create your own scripts or applications with most of the functionality you can find inside the Pingdom control panel.

3 months ago

Uses free and open libraries to let you connect different types of hardware, using a variety of languages to their cloud service.

Email Verifier
3 months ago

Free API to weed out disposable, non-existent or invalid emails without any limits.

4 months ago

Makerlog is a task log for makers that gets you more motivated by the more you make.

Product Hunt
4 months ago

The goal of this API is to be RESTful and as simple as needed.

4 months ago

Reach out with your message where ever your customer is!

4 months ago

A simple HTTP Request & Response Service.

4 months ago

It enables you to programmatically perform operations such as domain search, domain registration, SSL purchase etc

Temp media
5 months ago

Used to generate placeholder media

6 months ago

Chrome based screenshot API for developers

24 Pull Requests
7 months ago

Project to promote open source collaboration during December

MAC address vendor
7 months ago

Retrieve vendor details and other information regarding a given MAC address or an OUI

7 months ago

Tool for testing APIs

Pusher Beams
8 months ago

Push notifications for Android & iOS

IBM Text to Speech
8 months ago

Convert text to speech

10 months ago

Find random activities to fight boredom

10 months ago

Scraping and crawling anticaptcha service

a year ago

Multiple spam filtering service

a year ago

Easily build scalable web scrapers

QR code
a year ago

Create an easy to read QR code and URL shortener

a year ago

Unofficial REST API for

a year ago

Automate GitLab via a simple and powerful API
a year ago

IP, Domains and Emails anti-abuse API blocklist lookup tool

Public APIs
a year ago

A collective list of free JSON APIs for use in web development

2 years ago

Integration developer utility APIs

2 years ago

Test endpoints for client and server HTTP/2 protocol support

2 years ago

Another simple IP Address API

2 years ago

Information for a user's Github profile

QR code API
2 years ago

Generate and decode / read QR code graphics


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