Data Validation APIs

US Street Address
10 days ago

Validate and append data for any US postal address

US Extract
10 days ago

Extract postal addresses from any text including emails

US Autocomplete
10 days ago

Enter address data quickly with real-time address suggestions

Email Validation A
5 months ago

Simple-to-use and powerful API to validate & verify email addresses in real-time

7 months ago

Street address info and validation

Cloudmersive Valid
10 months ago

Valide email addresses, phone numbers, VAT numbers, and domain names

2 years ago

Open Source phone number validation

2 years ago

Content validator against profanity & obscenity
2 years ago

US Address Verification

Whitepages Pro
2 years ago

Phone number validation, line_type, carrier append

Whitepages Pro
2 years ago

Get normalized physical address, residents, address type, and validity.

mailboxlayer API
3 years ago

Email address validation

numverify API
3 years ago

Phone number validation

vatlayer API
3 years ago

VAT number validation


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