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Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Open Food Facts
Food & Drink

Food Products Database


Get all your gifs


Fetch data from the Spotify music catalog, manage users' playlists and saved music, get recommendations, control Spotify Connect, and more.

Open Data

Get JSON formatted summary with title, description and preview image for any requested URL

Recently Added

IP Geolocation API
3 minutes ago

Free IP Geolocation and IP Address Lookup Location API.

Amazon Services AP
a day ago

Integrate Amazon services into your application and build tool on the top of their technology.

a day ago

Powerful APIs and extensions allow you to build engaging video experiences into your applications and products.

Noun Project API
a day ago

Use the Noun Project Icon API to tell visual stories, create real-time infographics, build interactive games, or whatever crazy idea you have.

8 days ago

Build amazing commerce solutions powered by the BigCommerce platform

8 days ago

TripAdvisor provides free, up-to-date rating content to select travel websites and apps through its Content API

Programming Quotes
9 days ago

Programming Quotes API for open source projects.

9 days ago

BlaBlaCar’s API allows to search for car sharing trips, just as the BlaBlaCar’s website does. The web service is based on REST and is available in the two formats XML and JSON.

Meteorologisk Inst
9 days ago

Weather and climate data

Feedly API
9 days ago

Millions of users depend on their feedly for inspiration, information, and to feed their passions. Developers are welcome to deliver new applications, experiences, and innovations via the feedly cloud.

Cleverbot API
11 days ago

Chat with a bot about anything and everything - AI learns from people, in context, and imitates.

Samsara API
14 days ago

Samsara provides API endpoints for interacting with Samsara Cloud, so that you can build powerful applications and custom solutions with sensor data. Samsara has endpoints available to track and analyze sensors, vehicles, and entire fleets.

Blizzard Battle.ne
14 days ago

the place where you can integrate with our APIs and connect with other developers from around the world to craft best-in-class experiences for your community.

Typeform API
14 days ago

Create, retrieve, update, and delete your typeforms, themes, and images.

Jikan MyAnimeList
16 days ago

Jikan (時間) is an open-source PHP & REST API for the “most active online anime + manga community and database”

Danbooru Anime API
16 days ago

Danbooru is an thousands of anime artist database to find good anime art. Random anime photos.

Scraping Ninja
17 days ago

Scraping is hard, scraping at scale can be very challenging. You have to handle Javascript rendering, Chrome headless, Captcha, Proxy. Scraping Ninja is a simple API that does all the above for you. It is truly the most simple web scraping API ever.

18 days ago

With Typeform APIs and developer tools, you can do everything from the basics, like tweak your themes and add new images to your account, to the most powerful features Typeform offers, like retrieve responses on demand and customize forms with Hidden Fields. And you can do it all without using the Typeform builder or even logging into Typeform.com!

Human API
18 days ago

The easiest way for consumers to share health data from anywhere with any company

Mailchimp API
18 days ago

Email marketing, ads, landing pages, and CRM tools to grow your business on your terms. Now use there API to integrate into your custom applications.

Smartsheet API 2.0
18 days ago

Smartsheet API allows you to programmatically access and manage your organization's Smartsheet data and account information

Xero API
20 days ago

Xero is online accounting software for your small business

20 days ago

Customize the Asana experience, leverage your data with the Asana API, and join a community of developers building with Asana.

20 days ago

We've designed our APIs to use open standards so developers can leverage off-the-shelf libraries. We aim to provide APIs that are as simple as possible yet still open the door to great possibilities.

20 days ago

Hook up your server to optimize all your JPEG and PNG images on the fly.

21 days ago

JavaScript API for face detection and face recognition in the browser and nodejs with tensorflow.js

Diff bot
24 days ago

Automatic data extraction from articles, products, discussions and more. Diffbot uses advanced AI technology to retrieve clean, structured data without need for manual rules or site-specific training.

Scraper API
24 days ago

Scraper API handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs, so you can get the HTML from any web page with a simple API call!

24 days ago

Crawl arbitrary websites, extract structured data from them and export it to formats such as Excel, CSV or JSON. Automate manual workflows and processes on the web, such as filling in forms or uploading files. Let robots do the grunt work. Connect diverse web services and APIs, and let data flow between them. Add custom computing and data processing steps.

Maps Me
24 days ago

API is designed to allow integrating the offline maps with your iOS or Android app. The best part is that MAPS.ME code is completely open, and you can hack it to your needs!

Elementor WordPres
25 days ago

Manage your WordPress Elementor Builder with their official APIs

25 days ago

Optimizely is the world's leading experimentation platform, empowering marketing and product teams to test, learn and deploy winning digital experiences, every time.

Cisco Webex API
25 days ago

If you've used Cisco Webex you know just how easy it is to meet and collaborate with your team members and customers. The Cisco Webex for Developers program opens up the power of the Webex Platform to anyone seeking to extend the Webex experience.

Linkedin API
25 days ago

LinkedIn APIs are based on REST+JSON, enabling you to build robust, scalable apps.

Intercom API
25 days ago

Discover all the incredible capabilities of our platform so that you can build context-relevant, action-oriented apps directly on top of Intercom with ease - whether you're publicly integrating your service with ours, or you're building for your own team's private usage.

LINE Developers
25 days ago

LINE Things is a platform where devices, users, and services connect through the LINE Messenger Application.


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